Monday, February 4, 2013

Update and redirect!

If you've landed here, I'm so happy!  But if you'll notice there has been a "slight" delay in my blogging.  This is due in part to my mommy duties which I'm completely devoted to.  The other part is that I've been Facebooking (is that a word?)  most of my work because it's just so much easier these days.  Although I have to say that Facebook is starting to become highway robbery with all the paid "promoting".  My days are numbered in Facebook.  I'm looking to revamp TCK's website very soon.  Just waiting till both my kids go back to school full time so I can redirect my attention to this little business. 

So if you're here and want to see more, please visit my facebook fan page and "like" us.  We'd love to have you there!  Click HERE to find us on Facebook and while you're there,

 please make sure your settings are set like this when you like us:
You can also add us to your interest list so you don't miss anything!  Oh Facebook...I used to like you so much!

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