Wednesday, February 20, 2013

65 Years. Before & After.

We celebrated something very rare this past weekend.  Rare indeed.  Two people whom loved each other so much promised to stay together through thick & thin ~sixty-five~ years ago.  I will tell you this...they have seen their fair share of thick and thin, trust me.  Both Granny and PaPa Bill have personalities that are unforgettable.  People love them and remember them.  Just the other day, I posted a picture of them on FB and the outpouring of love that came from people from their past and present was heartwarming. 

 photo Granny-FB_zpsfd35ccce.png  photo Granny-PaPaBill-Before-After-FB_zpse05bb5d4.jpg  photo Collage-6-FB_zps908bfe73.jpg  photo Collage-5-FB_zpsa45ae4ac.jpg  photo Collage-2-FB_zps6427cfd8.jpg  photo Collage-3-FB_zps94c7454d.jpg  photo Collage-7-FB_zps1c79eb33.jpg
 photo Untitled-2-FB_zps5fc0ce8e.jpg  photo Collage-4-FB_zps9bc5e283.jpg  photo Collage-1-FB_zpsf5721322.jpg  photo Anniversary-20-FB_zps74b1690c.jpg  photo Anniversary-30-FB_zps1b92eecf.jpg  photo Anniversary-33-FB_zpse468ab12.jpg  photo Anniversary-31-FB_zpsa46a928a.jpg  photo Anniversary-45-FB_zpscfc4302d.jpg  photo 8x10-collage-FB_zps050d8a4a.jpg To everyone that attended. Thank you! This is something they will never forget!

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