Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Burgess Family {Sugar Land Family Photographer}

Summer is literally right around the corner! Can you feel it? I'm so beyond ready to be lazy, snuggle longer with my kids, and eat watermelon by the pool! I had the privilege of shooting this sweet/beautiful...and silly family a few weekends ago. Leading up to their original session that was scheduled, we had some pretty awful weather out of nowhere. Freezing temperatures which is so out of the ordinary for winter here in Texas. Thankfully the spring weather gave us every reason to just do it. We ventured out to capture what you’re about to see below. Amy, you have two characters on your hands!  Consider yourself lucky to be able to laugh with these goofballs! Moreover , they have a GORGEOUS God-fearing wife and mother!  You are blessed my friend!
Amy, Wade, and Alex, thank you for allowing me to capture sweet moments between you guys. Wade...I know you were making fun of me!
 Ya'll were AWESOME! Scroll all the way down for a video of their session!

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