Monday, March 10, 2014

A letter to my {now} 6 year old...

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Dear Mischa,

My most FAVORITE six year old ever!  My littlest isn’t so little anymore.  You have waited to be 6 since the day after Christmas.  You were asking me how long it would take to be your birthday!  Do you remember us counting on your calendar?  It was 75 days then.  You pretended to faint on your bed and said it would take FOREVER!  I promised you that it would fly by, but in my heart of hearts, I wanted time to stand still.  I don’t want you to get older...not because I am getting older, not because I don’t want you to experience all the milestones in life, but because I enjoy every minute of your life, and I would bottle it up if I could.  So much has changed in you over a years’ time, yet so much has stayed the same.

This year I have watched you make sooo many new friends.  We have had sooo many playdates at home…do you remember Lauren coming homing home with you on the bus?!  That was So. Much. Fun.  God has provided you with wonderful friendships!  I love seeing that you are loved. 

You are still a HUGE Monster High fan.  The collection just keeps growing.  I need more storage!

Still no loose toofs.  You wiggle them as if they have even a fraction of movement and I pretend that they are SO SUPER LOOSE!  You grin in approval…and wait…and wait…and wait.

The other day you were singing “Let it go” to the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS making your voice wiggle like Elsa’s.  You covered your body with a pink piece of fabric flowing behind you and danced so gracefully just like she does.  Although I have pictures and video, I wish I can relive moments like that over and over.  Freeze time.  That’s all I ask for. 

Your sister is watching you grow up before her very eyes.  She no longer sees you as a “little” baby anymore.  You play with her and her friends when they come over.  The like you because you’re “cool” and “cute”.  Payton loves your company. 

…ahhh and who can forget, you can READ!  I can give you things to look at, and you READ them!  Although I like your versions way better sometimes! 

You are still my little homemaker.  You are my teacher (a strict one I might add).  You are my chef.  You are my love. 

I thank God that I have the privilege to be at home with you!  God continues to mold me to be the mom YOU need me to be to you.  Enjoy your special day sweet girl! 

I love you more than I can begin to express. 



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