Monday, July 29, 2013

Dog Days of Summer Part 6- Canyon Lake- {1 of 4}

This year we took a trip to Canyon Lake with my Mother-Inlaw, Father- Inlaw, Brother-Inlaw, his wife, my Niece Elizabeth, My Sister-Inlaw Christy, her husband, and their new baby Allie. Yep...LOTS of family!  We've never been there before and we sorta winged everything.  Nothing was really planned which is odd because all the women in the family are planners.  We had a wonderful time with each other and we were also able to spend time alone doing separate things.  It just dawned on me that I don't have pictures of any adults.  This was not on purpose. I'm just drawn to the kids.  They do FUNNY things.  I can't help it sometimes!  My intention was to get a family picture, but that never happened.  However, if I didn't bring my camera, everyone would have requested it.  Oy Vey! 

So without further ado...Let me clog this webpage with vacation pictures!

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