Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring has sprung in Katy!

I'm so excited that Spring is here!  We are done done done with winter! 

The story behind these flowers and horses is pretty simple!  We made the morning of a family outing AND I was hunting for some fun locations for my clients.  As we were parking, a horse carriage thing-a-ma-bob pulls up.  Naturally, the girls wanted to stick around to watch them get out.  Um...have you ever watched a horse get out of a horse trailer?  Skeery!  If you're not paying attention, they can certainly do a lot of damage (to you and everything else).  The owners were as nice as they come.  Good ol' southern charm.  They entertained the girls with a ride and me with some quick snaps.  They did ask if I wanted a ride, but this girl is keeping her 2 legs on the ground.  Maybe another day...
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