Monday, February 25, 2013

Surprise Engagement Shoot

I am hereby owning up to being a schemer.  I, along with, Mr. Warrick came up with a plan to surprise Miss. Latrell.  He emailed me one day to see if he could hire me to do family pictures and then said "oh, by the way, I plan on proposing to my girlfriend."  Talk about pressure!  Family pictures are fairly easy, but this girl right *here* has never done a surprise engagement shoot.
The idea was to get Latrell to believe she was coming for family pictures {evil grin}.  This would come as no surprise to her because Warrick is a huge part of her life and the life of her two sons.  

She looked STUNNING, by the way!

So I took them around town and had them do their family poses and we agreed, Warrick and I, that the engagement would be at the very end of the shoot and the magic words from me would be "This is THE ONE". 

Wanna see...

She thinks this is just another family picture that I posed them for.  photo Engagement-1_zps32e207c7.jpg  photo Engagement-2_zps220c95a8.jpg  photo Engagement-4_zps49e4c125.jpg  photo Engagement-3_zps09f15861.jpg
And here is the rest of their session...
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  1. Awesome. Great shoot. Everyone looked fantastic. All of the colors popped.

  2. Congrats Latrell and family!! The photos are beautiful! Don't forget to send my invite ma'am!