Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Peterson Family {Katy Family Photographer}

Meet The Peterson's. A family I have come to know personally and through the world wide web. Sharon, Mama Bear, is an AMAZING writer.  She has her own blog.  You can check it out here. It was April when we first started reading her blog (as a family).  It was/is mainly her creative outlet for letting the world know about her family, their struggles, and their blessings.  She has two boys with Autism.  Through her blog, my family and I were able to get a small glimpse into her daily life.  There were some HILARIOUS times, as well as some very serious moments for her.  I'm thankful for her transparency.  I'm thankful for her honesty.  We can love on her and her family so much more richly this way.  It was an honor to take their family photos.  

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