Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Carollo Pumpkin Mini (kinda) {Katy Childrens Photographer}

So what happens when you need to reschedule for Pumpkin Mini's and you go to the very pumpkin patch you're supposed to take them at and find there are NO pumpkins left?  ...you go to the nearest "pretty" place and improvise!  Jessica called me with the news as I was about to get into my car and head to the patch.  I felt HORRIBLE!  2 weeks before it was a SEA of pumpkins everywhere.  I actually chuckled under my breath thinking "How are they going to sell all of these pumpkins"?  Well...apparently all of Katy got at least one if not more per household and it came from this particular patch.
.....So I brought the one pumpkin we did have at home to get what we could!  Thank you Jessica for being so sweet and trusting me regardless!  Aren't they GORGEOUS babies?!!!

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