Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dog Days of Summer Part 13 {Crystal Beach}

In the 13 years I've lived in Houston I have never been to the waters of Galveston Beach.  Crazy I know.  I had no idea that it was this pretty or this calm.  I always saw pictures of seaweed everywhere and had no desire to even try it.  I found out that Bolivar Peninsula is the preferable side for families.  The down side....sitting in line waiting for the ferry.  However, once you get on the ferry, you're well on your way for a good time.  I haven't ridden a ferry in probably 18-20 years.  I am easily impressed so this was so much fun for me and all of the family.  Once we got there, we didn't realize that we needed a parking permit to park on the beach, but The Lord worked things out so that I meet up with a police officer that happily allowed it to happen.  We parked ON the beach!  I totally expected it to be packed but it wasn't.  I expected way too many teenagers and drinking, but we had none of that.  It was so pleasant!  We will definitely go back there and this time a little more prepared. 
My cousin visited The Gulf of Mexico for the very fist time in her life!  Still think Swiss Mountains top that!

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