Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dog Days of Summer Part 10- Katy Prairie

Sometimes as a mom you have to do the things you don't wanna do for the sake of you child's happiness.  Sometimes as a sister to the said child, you have to endure such things as well AND you must grow to like them or live with being miserable in the meantime.  Like in our case, look for bugs, fight mosquitos, and find evidence of dead animals.  I'm exaggerating a little here obviously, bc we did have a great time doing this.  We learned so much about The Katy Prairie.  What a rich lesson and hands-on experience we received!  Payton, Mischa, and Zoe caught a few things in their little buckets.  We did however have to watch for ticks...yes, I said ticks.  They were everywhere!  I did have a nightmare that night that involved ticks, and a  praying mantis.  No bueno!

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