Monday, May 13, 2013

Special Mother's Day shout out!

I know it's not Mother's Day today, but I wanted to give a very special shout out to my Sister-In-Law Christy who just celebrated her very first Mother's day yesterday. Allie was born exactly 2 weeks ago today. She's a DOLL! She was just 5 days old when the girls and I came to visit her. In Heine-Site we should have stayed home. Little did we know that we were bringing a slew of germs with us. Daniel started up with some sort of allergy attack or cold before we left so we left him home to stay away from the baby. Later that weekend, we found out that he was diagnosed with FLU B! Then at about 10 pm that same evening, Payton starts vomiting every 15-20 minutes. We first chalked it up to car sickness but then the next morning Mischa started with a "tummy ache" and soooo I had two little ones vomiting on the way back home to Katy from San Marcos every 30 minutes. Not good.
Jesus literally took the wheel!
It was a wonder I managed to take any pictures at all of little Allie. We did keep Christy and her family germ free. I did my own bit of disinfecting while I was there. Thank goodness! Anyway...Happy Mother's Day Christy! Love you!

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